Governor Mitt Romney, Governor Pete Wilson and Chairman Darrell Issa Endorse Neel Kashkari for Governor

Republican gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari today announced that he has been endorsed by former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, former California Governor Pete Wilson and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa.
“Democrats’ big-government policies have hurt the middle class and reduced opportunity for Americans across the country, and that’s the reason it’s so important to elect leaders like Neel Kashkari who understand how to jumpstart the private sector, fix our schools and get people working again,” said Gov. Romney. “Republicans in California and across the nation must unite behind candidates who will fight for our Party’s principles of fiscal responsibility and hard work – and I believe Neel is that candidate. He has demonstrated courage and steady leadership in tough times, and his resilience and focus is exactly what we need leading California today.”
“Neel is the right candidate with the right message to challenge Gov. Brown, support Republican candidates up and down the ticket, and help us grow the Party in the long term,” Gov. Wilson added. “California needs new, fiscally conservative leadership in Sacramento to strengthen our state’s economy, and that’s the reason I urge Republicans across the state to join me in supporting Neel this June.”
“Sacramento Democrats have a disastrous record of passing job-killing laws and regulations that have destroyed the middle class; it’s clearly time for new leadership to help restore the strength of our private sector and put people back to work,” said Chairman Issa. “I’m pleased to endorse Neel because he is an honest, hard-working person who is clearly committed to public service, and I believe he’s the right candidate to lead the Republican ticket in California this November.”
Kashkari announced his candidacy in January with a platform focused on jobs and education. Last month, he unveiled his jobs plan, “Rebuilding the Middle Class,” which champions 10 reforms that will unleash the private sector to put Californians back to work. Last week, Kashkari released his education plan, “Transforming Our Schools To Lift Achievement, Reduce Income Inequality & Eradicate Poverty,” which is focused on improving California’s K-12 schools and increasing access to the state’s institutions of higher education.
“Gov. Romney, Gov. Wilson and Chairman Issa are conservative leaders with long records of public service, and I’m grateful to have their support in my campaign,” Kashkari said. “Building a stronger Republican Party requires a positive, inclusive economic message that brings people together around the issues voters care about most: fixing our schools and creating good jobs. Since day one, my focus has been on jobs and education, and I’m thankful for the growing support from those who share that vision for California.”
Kashkari recently earned the support of Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff and a number of prominent Latino leaders. On Friday, he announced his Students for Kashkari coalition.